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RC bug filled against desktop-base related to the open logo.

Please bear with me if it was discussed here before, I wasn't CC'ed.

Pompee William filled #587668 (The Debian open logo with "Debian" is
not compliant to the Debian policy) against desktop-base. #587482 was
filled against gdm-themes

I don't really see the point for the following reasons, but would like
you to shed some light:

* It's not the open logo itself, but the swirl + Debian with Debian's
logo regular font;
* Btw, if it was the open logo, we're not talking about software. DFSG
quote about Derived Works states "original software";
* If DFSG explicitly included images, fonts and music we would still
need to protect Debian trademark.

thanks in advance,
-- Gustavo "stratus" Franco

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