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Re: Please review Julius's license (custom license with publicity clause)

On Sun, 18 Jul 2010 13:25:03 +0200 Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals

> Out of curiosity, could someone please elaborate (or point me to some
> page) on why the venue clause is a problem?

Choice of venue clauses have been discussed to death on the
debian-legal mailing list, with opposite opinions expressed by several

As I said, my own opinion is that such clauses are non-free
restrictions, since they discriminate against people who live far away
from the chosen venue and thus fail DFSG#5. Those people can be forced
to travel around the planet (and hence sustain unreasonable costs) in
order to defend themselves in a dispute raised by the copyright holder.

If you feel like reading long and heated discussions about this topic,
you may pick up the (sub-)threads that start from the following
messages, for instance:

Please remember that threads spanning multiple months are not
properly linked on the web archives: as a consequence, before assuming
you have read the whole thread, always check the archives for the
subsequent month!   ;-)

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