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Re: Please review Julius's license (custom license with publicity clause)

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals <siegfried@gevatter.com> wrote:
> I'm particularly concerned about point 3 asking for the software to be
> mentioned on any "published/presented results" of its use, although
> this requirement doesn't seem to violate any DFSG principle.

Clause 3  is the only problematic clause I could see.

There is some ambiguity on what they mean by "publish or present any
results".  For example, suppose someone makes a device for use in Iraq
that translates from English to Arabic and back.  The device uses
Julian to figure out what is being spoken so that it can be translated
by another program.  Does a soldier have to mention Julian every time
he writes a report where he quotes someone via the device?  He is
presenting results to his superiors that use Julian.

> One potential sponsor also expressed concern about point 6. That one
> looks fairly standard to me, but maybe someone with better knowledge
> can enlighten us?

Point 6 is not a problem.  It is only informative.  It creates no

Walter Landry

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