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Re: Providing an openssl-linked pycurl

Yavor Doganov wrote:
> Sat, 03 Jul 2010 10:23:16 +0100, MJ Ray
> > If the GPL program links with another library, why does it need ifdefs
> > or configure options?  Surely that's left to the library?
> Well, the program can check for the presence of libcurl-gnutls and
> libcurl, and conditionally link with it.  Or, in the hypothetical
> case, it can conditionally use libfoo or libbar, either of which can
> be linked against OpenSSL/GnuTLS/NSS/etc.

Good point (I've not been hacking C much recently).  If it's using
libfoo which can be linked against OpenSSL/GnuTLS, is the source
of the GPL program derived from OpenSSL, though?

If not, we can still distribute the version that doesn't link against

I agree with you that it sounds like an awkward bug in most
Pantomime-using GPL applications and wish you well with the
alternative version.

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