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Re: Plugins for non-free software in orig.tar.gz

Le jeudi 01 juillet 2010 à 00:40 +0200, Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo a
écrit :
> > Of course, the quickest and easiest solution, until the licensing is
> > clarified, is dropping the scripts from the package...
> First of all, I need to talk to the author personally when he's available, 
> but I think that this script is not useful to be shipped in a binary anyway, 
> so it's not clear to me why it should be there.  Think of it as a plugin 
> that you have to copy/import/whatever-is-called into Blender modeler so 
> Bender is able to export to .xad format, or invoke Aqsis as rendered of the 
> scene previously modeled in Blender.  Or a GIMP plugin to save in new image 
> format .ghda.  As I understand it, it's of no use unless you have Houdini 
> installed, and then you have to install it in Houdiny as a plugin (not sure 
> if compiled in some way, or not processed at all).
> Maybe they should provide a separate package with it and that's all, and not 
> bothering shipping it in normal source packages of the rest of Aqsis, and 
> thus avoid installing it with normal CMake building system.

As long as the script itself is free, there is no point in removing it
from the source package. Just don’t ship it in the binary. The
requirement to remove non-free files is for non-free files. Not for
files that relate to non-free software.

For a similar example, we ship Visual Studio build files in a lot of
packages. Believe me, upstream is not going to remove them, and we are
not going to remove them either. We just don’t use them to build the
package, and we don’t ship them in the binaries.

> 1) I should still remove it from orig.tar.gz, otherwise Debian would 
> continue distributing it and potentially breaking the license, right?

You should remove it only if it is non-free. Otherwise the rule is to
keep the upstream tarball.

> 2) Should I do anything special other than that?  Explain the case in a 
> README.Debian?  Name the orig.tar.gz in a specific way?  Use 'dfsg' in the 
> name of orig.tar.gz, source or binary packages in some ways.

If you remove some files, it is appreciated to append "+dfsg" to the
upstream version, and to explain what you did in README.source.

> $ head -7 shaders/surface/metal.sl 
> /* metal.sl - Standard metal surface for RenderMan Interface.
>  * (c) Copyright 1988, Pixar.
>  *
>  * The RenderMan (R) Interface Procedures and RIB Protocol are:
>  *     Copyright 1988, 1989, Pixar.  All rights reserved.
>  * RenderMan (R) is a registered trademark of Pixar.
>  */
> I tried to find the answers in Pixar's website, but I found none.  I think 
> that it's a kind of OpenGL, but I don't know if things like "All rights 
> reserved" means that they can forbid people using them, like the (already 
> several) FOSS implementations (aqsis, pixie, jrman).

This looks much more worrisome to me. There is no license for use or
redistribution here. I’m surprised the FTP masters let this slip

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