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Re: logo license with debian - no warranty missing?


Am 29.06.2010 14:49, schrieb Ben Finney:

>> [ SVG logo without "no warranty waiver" ]
>>> I think it would be prudent to add a warranty disclaimer like those
>>> found in Expat license terms or similar.
>> Why do we need a warranty waiver for a feature, we don't actually use?
> Because we also allow modified works to be redistributed. Someone else
> could use that feature in a derived work, redistribute the result,
> thereby cause breakage.

I still don't understand.  Is it prudent to have such a clause, because
someone else could embed a bad script, to be sure we are safe?  (How
could that happen, if someone else causes the problem and distributes
that?)  Or would it be prudent to do so, to allow / make it easier for
others to embed code, as they would only like to do so, if they have
such a clause?

I'm sorry, I still don't get the point.

Best regards,

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