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Re: One-line licence statement

Le mercredi 21 avril 2010 à 19:28 +0200, Franck Joncourt a écrit : 
> ------
> Copyright (c) 1999 by Megginson Technologies.
> Copyright (c) 2003 Ed Avis <ed@membled.com>
> Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Joseph Walton <joe@kafsemo.org>
> No warranty.  Commercial and non-commercial use freely permitted.
> ------

This is clearly non-free, since it doesn’t allow modification and

> As it is intended to be as close to public domain as legally possible, he
> pointed me out to the following URL:
> >From <http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Licensing_and_Law/public-domain.html>:
> > All alleged advantages of a "public domain dedication" can be
> > gained without uncertainty using a regular one-line licence statement,
> > e.g., "Copyright (C) 2008 Owner Name. Do whatever you want with this work."
> Quoting upstream:
> "This is exactly the form, and intent, of the original XML::Writer licence:
> you may "Do whatever you want with this work."

No. You may not, since it only permits use.

> As I am not sure, which form of language would be the best to achieve this
> goal?

The simplest way to achieve that is probably the WTFPL.

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