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Re: Re: License of z-push

Hi Paul,

thanks for your reply!

> Since Debian servers (ftp-master & mirrors) are located in the USA,
> the license forbids it from being distributed by Debian:
> http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=ries
> In addition, like Fedora, Debian probably wouldn't distribute it
> because of the patent risk.

Yes, but I still don't know which patent might be violated :-(

> berlios is probably technically in violation of the license.
> Some possible options for alternative distribution (IIRC all outside the USA):
> http://unofficial.debian-maintainers.org/
> http://debian-multimedia.org/

Thanks for bringing them up! This might be a good way to distribute them.

> In addition you could just keep the packaging in your SVN repo and
> expect people to build the package manually.

I'll do this in any case.

> Please contribute to the various campaigns to end software patents:
> http://endsoftpatents.org/
> http://en.swpat.org/
> PS: how did you get list.d.o instead of lists.d.o in the to address
> but still get your message delivered?
The first mail bounce as undeliverable, so I changed into my Sent-Folder and
bounced the mail to the correct address ;-)

With best wishes,


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