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Re: Distribution of media content together with GPLv2 code in one package?

On Sun, 04 Apr 2010, Rudolf Polzer wrote:
> One argument against supplying "full" source code commonly raised by artists,
> is that a 3MB large music piece can depend on several gigabytes of "source
> data", if applying the source requirement recursively.

This is one problem, but while it may not be feasible to distribute
the complete source in Debian due to mirror constraints, it should be
publicly available and probably archived by the project somewhere.
[Perhaps the data.debian.org service can be abused to do this? Not

> Sorry, but I have NEVER heared any good sounding dynamically
> generated music, or procedurally generated sounds.

The main reason why is because this is an area where Free Software
lags significantly behind what is currently available in the
commercial software realm[1], and the audio processing tools we do
have aren't often designed to be driven via a library API.

That said, it's certainly possible to do.

> Sounds often are mixed from hundreds of recorded samples from the
> same event (e.g. throwing a can on the ground). Artists then tend to
> delete the single recordings, and do further improvement based on
> the mixed recording.

If no one has the originals, then that's the source; the problem is
when the author has the master-mix tapes, and no one else does. [I
should note too, that there's considerable debate as to what Debian
itself requires for source; I personally think we should be
distributing as much as we can, but probably the majority doesn't feel
this is a hard requirement for main for non-programatic works.]

> Well, because of the source requirement, CC probably is not
> DFSG-free then?

No, it just means that there may be additional things that Debian
requires for a work to be in main beyond what the CC requires.

Don Armstrong

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of the modern world.

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