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Re: The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

Thomas Koch <thomas@koch.ro> writes:

> Yes, it's this topic again. I've just had a short mail exchange with
> crockford himself.

Thank you for pursuing this matter in good faith and trying to get a
satisfactory resolution.

> His final answer: "If you cannot tolerate the license, then do not use
> the software."

That's a shame. The license terms are trivially non-free, and the
vagueness of the terms leads to the chilling effect that they don't help
anyone know whether their specific use of the work is infringing the
terms or not.

A pity that the result wasn't better, but at least it's clear. Hopefully
the copyright holder can someday, in spite of evidence to the contrary
from his current statements, learn why these terms are non-free and
dangerously vague.

Thank you again for reporting this decision.

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