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Re: The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

It looks like the guy makes exceptions anyway:

> Douglas: That's an interesting point. Also about once a year, I get a
> letter from a lawyer, every year a different lawyer, at a company--I don't
> want to embarrass the company by saying their name, so I'll just say their
> initials--IBM...
> [laughter]
> ...saying that they want to use something I wrote. Because I put this on
> everything I write, now. They want to use something that I wrote in
> something that they wrote, and they were pretty sure they weren't going to
> use it for evil, but they couldn't say for sure about their customers. So
> could I give them a special license for that?
> Of course. So I wrote back--this happened literally two weeks ago--"I give
> permission for IBM, its customers, partners, and minions, to use JSLint for
> evil."


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