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Re: Distributing Debian derivative

On 2010-03-22 15:14, Paul Wise wrote:
Can you give us some more info about what you are doing? Perhaps we
can come up with a better way than distributing a pre-installed

It's a chroot environment for a platform that doesn't support debootstrap.

I'd be more than happy to download it from a Debian server instead, but Debian don't distribute root filesystems any more --- and trying to port debootstrap or getting the user to extract the packages themselves is not feasible.

In any case, some of the software you are distributing will be GPL, so
you'll need to also distribute source code.

How do Debian derivatives such as Knoppix or Elive do it? AFAIK, they don't distribute the source code for unmodified packages themselves, instead referring people to the Debian servers. Is this legal or is it just that nobody's complained yet?

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