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Re: GPL3 compatible?

Hi Charles,

Charles Plessy wrote:
> it looks like you are discussing the file rtengine/cubic.cc in RawTherapee:
> http://code.google.com/p/rawtherapee/source/browse/trunk/rtengine/cubic.cc


> I will answer to your last question first. If the RawTherapee authors obtained
> the agreement of Ken Turkowski to relicense his work, then there is no problem
> to have it licensed under the GPL and the above custom license. The GPL gives

I would expect some kind of notice about the re-licensing agreement, though.

> the freedoms that are necessary for Debian and are not explicitely written in
> the original license, and the original license does not withdraw freedoms given
> by the GPL.
> If you have doubts that the relicensing was permitted, then it is better to
> contact both parties before proposing a RawTherapee package to Debian. The
> original license cubic.cc is vague by todays standards, and it would be
> preferable to check with the original author that he really meant that he
> does not want his source code to be modified. 
> rtengine/cubic.cc is not very long and implements an algebra forumla
> that was discovered centuries ago. If it is confirmed that there are license
> issues, for instance if the original author is not reachable, then replacing
> the file can be the easiest solution to the problem.



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