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Re: Re: opencascade license in squeeze

Le Fri, Mar 05, 2010 at 08:09:45PM -0500, Adam C Powell IV a écrit :
>       * The statement that the copyright license is not a trademark
>         license is not in conflict with the GPL, and explicitly stated
>         as an option in GPL-3.  I don't think anyone believes GPL-3 is
>         incompatible with GPL-2...

Dear Adam,

I have not followed the issue so I can not help you to solve it, however
I just would like to correct one thing that you wrote above: the GPLs
version 2 and 3 are incompatible. You can find more detailed explanations
on the FSF website:


Have a nice week-end,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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