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Re: Bug#565884: Please include CeCILL* licenses in common-licenses

Le 20 janv. 10 à 11:10, MJ Ray a écrit :

Thibaut Paumard suggested:
there is a growing body of packages (or at least files) under
[1]CeCILL license in the archive. [...]
[1] http://www.cecill.info/licences.en.html

Roughly how many packages/files are under the licence?

It turns out I've been too lazy checking yesterday, it's only 17 packages in total (source packages, in main. That's a few more binary packages, and perhaps one in contrib, not clear).

CeCILL v1.1: 4
CeCILL V2.0: 9
CeCILL-C: 2 (+3 I'm working on)

CeCILL Article 5.3.4 states "The Licensee can include a code that is
subject to the provisions of one of the versions of the GNU GPL in the
Modified or unmodified Software, and distribute that entire code under
the terms of the same version of the GNU GPL."

So, if the debian dir is under the GPL, the entire package could be
distributed under the GPL and CeCILL wouldn't be its copyright and
distribution license.  I don't remember and policy manual section 12.5
doesn't seem explicit on this: would that mean we don't need to
include the CeCILL text in the package?

For CeCILL-2, perhaps. CeCILL-C is LGPL compatible but does not include such a clause.

Regards, Thibaut.

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