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Re: legal using fonts of debian

Sintyaev, Yuri wrote:
> Hi together.
> Can you help with my question. We have commercial project with flash
> banner creator. In Banner creator we use fonts, which should be copied
> in directory of the project. Question: can we use fonts of debian or
> must we buy fonts?
> Thanks for answer.

Along with Paul Wise's recommendation about making the effort to
properly read and comply with the licensing terms of any fonts that you
wish to include in your product/service, I will simply add that you
should look for fonts under licenses explicitly allowing bundling,
embedding and with clear sources and extended sources requirements when
modified (like the OFL).

Many of these fonts are available in the Debian archive in main, but
some of them may cause problems with the scenario you have in mind: you
can check the precise licensing details (along with upstream links) for
each font currently in Debian using our weekly font review:

Depending on your need you can also commission designers to design and
engineer an open font for you.


Nicolas Spalinger, NRSI volunteer
Debian/Ubuntu font teams / OpenFontLibrary

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