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Re: Possible legal problems with Balder 10 (FreeDOS 1.0), although GPL

fabian@greffrath.com wrote:

>If I could find a way to recreate the disk image from the precompiled
>FreeDOS binaries and would ship them and their corresponding sources in
>the Debian source package (although they are not used to recompile the
>binaries at build time), would you think this package met the
>requirements for inclusion in the Debian main section?
Yes, compiling a package from source is not strictly needed as long as
it can be done with a toolchain in Debian, its copyright status is clear
and the ftpmasters and release team do not consider it too much complex
to be manually built from source (e.g. if security updates are needed).
But still, I am not sure that it would be useful for Debian to
distribute this: in my experience nowadays firmware upgrades usually
come with their own bootable image which can trivially be loaded with


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