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Re your ad on Craigslist: Re Free web site design offer

Title: Re your ad on Craigslist: Re Free web site design offer

I saw your post on Craigslist and I thought you might be someone who may need a custom website built for free to further your cause.
I am supervising design students right now who are looking for a few real projects to build in exchange for a good reference and to use the site as an example site to show future clients. 
There are no catches or costs.  Having a site online only requires web hosting which is $5 month  hosted with us and that includes the domain name also for free. 

If you would like more info on the free website program please email me back for more info.
 Let me know what type of site you are in need of. 
The restrictions are:
site must be under 10 pages in size.
the site cannot be adult in nature.
I do not do sites with flash movies on them.
Just professional business sites.

Let me know what kind of site you would like us to build

I gladly do links , logos, custom backgrounds, blogs, forums, shopping carts, movies, audio, Up to ten pages in size.  All for no cost during our free design program.

If its something you could use then lets talk about it !
Thanks for your time.  Ronnie





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