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Re: Skype/Facebook trademark logos in Debian packages

Eion Robb wrote:
>> I believe repacking upstream tarball to exclude logos is the way to go.
> You'll also want to remove the MSN/AIM/etc logos from Pidgin/Empathy/etc
> too, since they obviously fall into the same legal grey area.
> Unless they're considered "fair use" then everything should be good to go.

I agree. What about MSN butterfly [1], ICQ flower [2], etc ?

"ICQ, THE FLOWER LOGO, THE ICQ NETWORK and/or other ICQ products
referenced herein are trademarks and/or servicemarks of ICQ. Other
products and companies' names or marks may be the trademarks or
servicemarks of their respective owners. No license is granted to you in
this Agreement, either expressly or implicitly, to use any trademark,
servicemark, names, or logos of ICQ, including ICQ and the flower logo."

What's the difference among all these logos?


[2] http://www.icq.com/legal/end-user-license.html

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