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Re: [mt@debian.org: Re: RFS: php-clamav]

Hi all,

Could someone ...

> HI and thanks for your response.
> Yes I have subscribe (
> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=argos66@gmail.com) but it's my
> first upload :-).
> For history, php-clamav is a fork of actual and unmaintained php-clamavlib.
> It's break compatibility with older version of php and clamav.
> But I was fix bugs, and warning compilation.
> And I search a sponsor for this "little package".
> For my name, sorry but I don't like show my real name on internet.

... please clarify, whether this is acceptable at all for copyright purposes?
(resending to debian-legal for that matter)

Thanks in advance,

PS.: Sorry for cross-posting.

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