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Re: Skype/Facebook trademark logos in Debian packages


Luca Falavigna wrote:
>     "Skype’s trade marks and trade dress may not be used in connection
>      with any product or service that is not Skype’s, in any manner that
>      is likely to cause confusion among customers"
> pidgin-skype is a third-party software, not provided or associated with
> Skype other than it needs Skype application to be executed, so it could
> not do use of the Skype logos.

I think you are right concerning this license, but OTOH Skype has
recently decided to make the UI part of their linux client "open source":


Apparently they want to keep just the communications protocol closed
source, as some kind of a library.

I think it should be researched what Skype means by making the UI "open
source" before deciding this matter. I think it's possible they wanted
to allow for integration with multiprotocol clients.

Michael Below

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