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Copyright information in new tuxcmd version compat/{crc.pas,md5.pas}

[ please cc me, I'm not subscribed to debian-devel ]

Hi Debian-Legal,

I'm just on job packaging a new version of tuxcmd. During checking for
updating debian/copyright I stumbled over two new files:
compat/crc.pas and compat/md5.pas.

The source package is be found at the following:

(dget -x http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~bonaccos/debian/tuxcmd/tuxcmd_0.6.69-1.dsc)

crc.pas is a port of crc32.c from Mark Adler to Free Pascal.
Unfortunately there is no readme.txt. The source under compat is also
not used when compiling and in tuxcmd, thus I can simply repack it.
But before doing that I would like to ask for advice for that.

The same is for md5.pas, where this is also in gpc-4.1, the file is a
port to Kylix done by the upstream author of tuxcmd. 

I need some advice if the debian/copyright is ok this way, and I have
the package conformant to the DFSG. As said, I have some problems with
these two files.

Many thanks in advance for any reply,

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