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Re: bsd & modified bsd clarification

On Thu, 05 Nov 2009, Penny Leach wrote:
> So far so good. Except I've come into a bit of trouble with what to
> use for the Modified BSD. Debian's license information [2] states
> that "Modified BSD" is a "common" license, meaning that it is to be
> found inside /usr/share/common-licenses.

It actually isn't in common-licenses, because
/usr/share/common-licenses/BSD is specific to the Regents of the
University of California. [It is a commonly used license, but every
time someone besides the UC Regents uses it, they modify the original
clause three (which was deleted by the UC Regents), or clause four, so
no one else can reference common-licenses.]

> Which brings me to the quandary of what to put inside
> debian/copyright. I guess I can put "Modified BSD" and include the
> license verbatim, as Dwoo ships it in LICENSE, except that now of
> course I'm curious ;)

Right, that's exactly what you should do.

Don Armstrong

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