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Re: Looking for +info about the license of a new package: Ossec

Two more questions:

About repositories:
Where will the package be placed in each one of that possibilities?

About the third possibility:
how the package have to be done to be accepted by the ftpmaster? why could ftpmaster reject it?

thanks for your answers, it's being really helpful.

2009/11/1 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>
On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 5:58 PM, Jose Antonio Quevedo
> Ok, it will never be included in main repository with this source code, but,
> does it mean debian will not distribute this package in any way? will it not
> even be included in contrib or non-free repository?

Stuff that is not distributable cannot be included in contrib/non-free.

Ways it could enter Debian include:

Upstream adds the OpenSSL exception to their license grant and
releases a new version.

Someone ports it to an SSL library that has a license that is
compatible with the ossec license (such as GnuTLS).

Some kind of ossec-src style package that builds contains a copy of
the source code in the .deb and builds ossec during the installation
of the .deb. This is likely to be rejected by the ftpmasters though.

Until one of these happens it cannot be distributed by Debian.



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