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Re: RFS: spim

Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi@gmail.com> writes:

> [Please CC me in replies]

Done. I am sending to the ‘debian-legal’ forum, to discuss the license
terms of the work.

> * Package name    : spim
>   Version         : 7.5-1
>   Upstream Author :  James R. Larus <larus@microsoft.com>
> * URL             :  http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~larus/spim.html
> * License         : other
>   Section         : non-free/electronics
> It builds these binary packages:
> spim       - MIPS R2000/R3000 emulator
> The package appears to be lintian clean.
> The license is as follows:
>     You may make copies of SPIM for your own use and modify those copies.
>     All copies of SPIM must retain my name and copyright notice.
>     You may not sell SPIM or distribute SPIM in conjunction with a
>     commercial product or service without the expressed written consent of
>     James Larus.

This grants no permission to redistribute. What license from the
copyright holder does the Debian project have to redistribute this in

If the answer is “nothing explicit”, then the default copyright
restrictions prevent the Debian project from redistributing the work at

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