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Re: Bug#550860: ITP: gnaughty -- downloader for adult content

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Philipp Kern schrieb:
> On 2009-10-14, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:
>>> But also if the _free_ software is for downloading etc. pay-only content
>>> like music, I do not think that it has to enter contrib, because it does
>>> not has got a real dependenie on non-free stuff.
>> Yeah, it's a bit of a marginal case.  We have, for instance, Perl modules
>> to talk to the Amazon APIs in main, although in most of those cases the
>> API is relatively open and some other sites also implement it.
> The appearance of Eucalyptus is pretty recent, though.  So you'd need to
> wait until a free service of an API gets released?  How feature complete
> does it need to be?  If I release a "compliant" porn directory with only one
> pic, would that be appropriate?  And I could easily make it non-porn too.
> zsnes used to be in contrib, but somebody made the case that there could
> be, in fact, free roms, because the way how to program the box is not
> exactly secret anymore.  (If they would be buildable on Debian is another
> question.)  It lives in main now and my gut feeling is that it's the right
> thing to do, given that the code base is free to modify, share and gives
> you the usual rights of a free software license (here: GPL2).

Please move this whole discussion to debian-legal now.

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