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Re: License of CORBA Interface Definition Files published by the Object Management Group

Le mardi 25 août 2009 à 02:52 +0200, Ludovic Brenta a écrit : 
> The source package orbit2_2.14.17.orig.tar.gz shipped by Debian contains
> the following files that concern me:
> src/idl/CORBA_PIDL/CORBA_Request.idl
> src/idl/CORBA_PIDL/pseudo_orb.idl

> The debian/copyright file in the package does not explicitly state a
> license for those files but implies that the license is the GPL.  The
> package is in main.

My opinion is that the headers themselves are not subject to copyright.
They are just the formal description of a specification, there is
nothing creative in them. However the comments are, so maybe we have to
strip the comments from those files.

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