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Re: The Clearthought Software License, Version 2.0

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 22:30:48 -0400 Joe Smith wrote:

> > * 3. Derived works are not contained in the info.clearthought
> > *    namespace/package or any subpackage of info.clearthought.  This
> > *    means that your patch files must change the namespace/package
> > *    for the derived work.  See section II for examples.
> This one is tricky. This may be acceptable under DFSG 4. It is clearly 
> within the spirit of DFSG 4.
> > * 4. Derived works do not use the class or interface names from the
> > *    info.clearthought... packages.  This means your patch files
> > *    must change the names of the interfaces and classes they alter.
> > *    See section II for examples.
> If each class/interface is considered a seperate work, then this is probably 
> acceptable under DFSG 4.

Personally, I don't think that these two clauses meet DFSG#4 and DFGS#3.

They seem to effectively forbid the creation of a drop-in replacement
for the work with one or more bugs fixed (assuming that the work may
be used as a sort of library...).
Or do I read them the wrong way?

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