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Re: Is "IPA Font license" DFSG-Free?

Le dimanche 31 mai 2009 à 20:52 +0900, Hideki Yamane a écrit :
>  I've ITPed IPAfont as otf-ipafont package.

>  You can see its license at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/ipafont.html
>  Please give me your feedback (Please add CC to me). Thanks.

The only things that looks suspicious are the name change clauses.

For derived works:
        No one may use or include the name of the Licensed Program as a
        program name, font name or file name of the Derived Program.

And for redistribution without modification:
        The Recipient may not change the name of the Licensed Program.

So if there are any changes, the name must be changed, and it must not
be changed if there are no changes. For a regular computer program, that
would imply iceweaselization, but for a font this seems reasonable: we
have no practical reason to patch it in our packages, and most font
systems make it easy to alias a font with another one so it’s fine for
those who modify it.

Otherwise, it’s a simple license with a strong copyleft, which should be
fine for Debian.

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