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Re: PS documentation file, no sources, author died

* Matthew Johnson <mjj29@debian.org> [2009-05-30 08:17]:

> The problem here is that either there is no copyright licence (in which
> case we can't distribute it, even in non-free), or the blanket GPLv3
> applies (which is, I think, reasonable to assume) in which case either
> we have a source form, in which case it can go in main, or we don't, in
> which case we can't distribute it, even in non-free as this violates the
> licence agreement.
> The post script definitely looks like it was generated from TeX (from
> reading the PS source) so we really should try and find said source.
> Alternatively, I think the reading of the GPL would suggest that if you
> created a derivative work (eg, by machine translating it back to some
> sort off TeX, or extracting the text and reformatting) then it would be
> reasonable to distribute _with the preferred form of modification of
> that derivative work_, which is your new, translated, TeX file.

What you wrote above is fully reasonable.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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