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Re: legal questions regarding machine learning models

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 10:25 AM, Mathieu Blondel <mathieu@mblondel.org> wrote:

> I mentioned Voxforge in my previous email. Their goal is to use their
> free spech data to train models with HTK and use the models with
> Julius. You can get the source code of HTK after registration on their
> website but the license has severe restrictions so HTK is not free
> software. Julius is a free software speech recognition engine that can
> use models trained with HTK. Note that HTK is pretty much THE speech
> recognition framework in the speech recognition community. If you
> consider that the ultimate source of a model is not only the data but
> also the software used to train it, then Voxforge models built with
> HTK can't be free, even though the data were free. Is it forbidden for
> someone to release an image made with Photoshop as free?

Wouldn't you want speech recognition software to be trained to your
specific voice? What is the practical reason for wanting these
Voxforge models in Debian? Isn't human speech too diverse (many
languages, each with variants and many accents) to make these models



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