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Re: Empty source file with proprietary header

Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
Hi all,

While packaging a software for Debian, I found an empty file under a
proprietary license in upstream's tarball. The file contains only the
header which says who is the copyright holder and the license under which
it was released. There is no source code in it, at all.

I was wondering whether such file can be part of a Debian package (the
.orig tarball)?

Maybe: we don't know the "proprietary license", so we cannot answer
to this question.

FTM, I removed those files and made a clean dfsg tarball.

I'm not sure that it is good and dfsg.

Do other files include such header file?
Maybe the author wanted to put the proprietary license
in other files, in a "geek" manner.

Anyway, you should ask upstreams about this header file,
and also ask them to remove it, if it is possible.


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