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License packaging dudes / libnet-snmp openssl and GPL


I have the following license related doubt:

There is a upstream code with GPL license, that link dynamically with
libsnmp (http://www.net-snmp.org/).
Libsnmp can be compiled with or without openssl support. The upstream
code don't use the parts of libsnmp that supports encryption and needs
openssl, so, in fact, the upstream code don't required openssl.

The debian package for libsnmp and libsnmp-dev depends on openssl, and
there is not a "libsnmp-withoutopenssl" package...
So when I try to package the upstream code I found that I have the
problem to link together GPL code with OpenSSL, with the problem of
the GPL/OpenSSL license incompatibility

I look for a similar problem and I found that some packages have at
their licenses a GPL exception related with open ssl code...

I ask/comment the upstream developer about the possibility of include
this "GPL exception"clause , and it answer:
"""I also agree to the GPL exception for OpenSSL. You can go ahead and
change the license for the ubuntu-included package."""
So, he was agree with this exception, but He thinks that it is a
debian/ubuntu package related stuff

My doubts are:
1) Can I package the code (without modification of the original copyright code)?
2) How can I explain this situation in the debian/copyright file?
3) I understand, that the problem is related to the debian package,
not the upstream code (it don't use nothing with the open ssl
license).... can the exception clause be added to the debian package
copyright section of the copyright file?
4) I think that a "libsnmp without openssl" can be very useful for
some packages with a similar problems.... I send two messages about
this to the libsnmp maintainers, but have no further news.... From the
legal point of view, won't have sense to create this kind of packages
(that have a lite versions with legal differences)???

I ask for this questions at debian-mentors but someone recommend to ask here....

Any suggests, tips, related doc ???

Thanks in advance

Hasta otra!!!

    Eduardo Ferro Aldama
    Alea Soluciones

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