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Re: GCC 4.4 run-time license and non-GPLv3 compilers

* Sylvain Le Gall:

>> But in Debian, we compile with GCC.  And for the Int64 module,
>> functionality from libgcc2.c gets compiled into the binary.  (This is
>> just the example I've verified.)

> Int64 module is under LGPL + static link exception (and everything
> related to runtime library). Does it change anything ?

No, I don't think so.  The compiler license doesn't change as a

> Could you point us to the precise location of "the functionality from
> libgcc2.c" ?

byterun/ints.c, function caml_int64_div, the I64_div macro.  This is
expanded into a plain division operator, and that is compiled into a
run-time library call by GCC.

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