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Re: Bug#523093: undetermined copyright/license violation

Robert Millan wrote:
For an example, if a program has three authors, one of whom uses BSD, the second uses "LGPL 2.1 or later" and the third uses "GPL 3" then the Venn Intersect is GPL 3, which is the licence that applies to the work as a whole. However, any recipient is at full liberty to strip out parts of the work, and use whatever licence the author granted.

Yeah, I understand the combined result is GPLv3;  the only doubt I have is
whether it's necessary to explicitly mention each license.

The combined result is different/new work (with a own license), but
derived from other works. Don't confuse single file with combined results.

But every file has author(s) and license(s), which are replaceable only
by authors. LGPL allow you to use LGPL as a GPL license, but not
to change it.

If you add new function to a LGPL file, and your changes are GPL only,
*practically* the file is only GPL, but the original code is still LGPL,
so better to explicit write also the LGPL. (or better: use an other
file for your changes: one license per file)


If it's not, is there anything else we should take care of?


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