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Re: issues with the AGPL

2009/3/23 Greg Harris <glharris@panix.com>:

> I do not profess any expertise or experience with Debian policies other
> than a general reading. Nor do I think of myself as a defender or
> critic of any particular variation of a "free" license that an author
> might choose. From the various objections I have read about the AGPL,
> however, there seem to be a number of people who do not share its
> goals. But I do not recall reading any statement of objections that
> concluded it was not a "free" license or that set forth any realistic
> example of impracticability. I could be persuaded; I just haven't seen
> any substance so far. (I'm just a bystander, of course, so you need not
> think you've won or lost anything by my opinion.)

I don't want to light that flame again, as there is nothing new about
it since last time we discussed it, so I personally have nothing to
add to what I said in previous threads and I just don't like to move
in circles discussing the same things all over again. I'm just writing
to confirm that there are some of us who don't consider AGPL as free
(even though I acknowledge that Debian as an organization does, for
the moment), and that in the last threads there have been some
scenarios described that where problematic. The consensus you seem to
describe does not exist.


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