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Re: DRM legal advice

"Anthony W. Youngman" <debian@thewolery.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Not the Debian position, but more the general Free Software attitude of 
> "respect other peoples' copyrights" ...
> get-iplayer should implement a technical system whereby it downloads the 
> expiry dates, and auto-deletes the files if the expiry date has passed. 

This puzzled me in three ways:

Do the copyright terms of things on iplayer actually have expiry
dates, or is that something merely enforced by technical measures on
some of the download methods?

Aren't we allowed reasonable timeshifting for limited purposes?
(Why should get-iplayer be treated differently to recording the same
things off of VirginMedia's on-demand service?)

Wouldn't the above data loss be a grave bug in the sense of
http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#severities ?
Refusing to play would be better, although get-iplayer doesn't
necessarily do the playback, so I'm not sure that's feasible.

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