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Re: I want to package mupen64plus

fgatuno.123@gmail.com writes:

> I am reading how to compile package in the good form, but I'm not
> sure in what section should be (main, contrib, non-free).
> The program is mupen64plus, http://code.google.com/p/mupen64plus/

Thank you for your interest in packaging for Debian, and for your
consideration of licensing issues.

> The licence is GPL, and depends on sdl, sdl-ttf, gtk2 *OR* qt4.

Please post the full copyright statements and grant of license for the
work here so we can discuss it in context.

The copyright statements will be something that says “copyright ©
2003 Joseph Foo.” The grant of license will be something that says
“You have permission to do bar and baz.”

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