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Re: RFC: Transitive Grace Period Public Licence

"MJ Ray" <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:
in which I dare OSI to sue me for describing TGPPL as "Open Source":

The OSL copyright holder is Lawrence Rosen, not OSI, so I think it is
Lawrence Rosen, not OSI, who could sue you.  In case that's so, I
don't want to repost the copyright-infringing licence for detailed

The OSL gives permission to create derived licenses. Granted there is a condition attached, which Zooko is aparrantly violating, relating to use of the term open source, but it is not clear if that term is enforcible. Any which way, Lawrence Rosen did comment on the licence on the OSI lince approval mailing list several times withou bringing this up, so he may belive it is a non issue. It would be worth asking him.

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