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Re: RFC: Transitive Grace Period Public Licence

Zooko O'Whielacronx wrote:
The Transitive Grace Period Public Licence (TGPPL) is a licence that I
wrote by adding a small clause to the Open Source License v3.0.  The
TGPPL is a "copyleft" or "transitive" licence -- it offers you the
right to make derived works on the condition that you extend the same
set of rights to users of your derived works.  The small added clause
is "no later than 12 months after You distributed or communicated said
copies" -- this allows the recipient who makes a derived work to
distribute that derived work without source code for up to 12 months.
(The licence text is appended and attached in text/plain format.)

I'm not familiar with the details of the Open Source License, and have not closely examined your license; perhaps you can find discussions of the Open Source License in this list's archives.

But, in general, what you call "transitivity" is not required by Debian for a license to be acceptable to us. We accept and distribute quite a bit of software licensed under "permissive" licenses; it is doubtful, in fact, that Debian could function well without such software.

Of course, we would not accept any software still taking advantage of your license's grace period into Debian proper; non-free would be the best such software could do. And as for your specific software, dual-licensing under the GPL is certainly acceptable to us.

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