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License issue on tiny Javascript fragment

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Hi All,

I hope you can help and advise on this issue. I am packaging a web
application for Debian, I am also the principal upstream author. The
code is generally GPL v2 PHP. Over the years the project inherited, from
a side project, a small fragment of Javascript that has no explicit license.

The problem I have is that the code is, like so much JS, sitting
available, apparently for general consumption on several websites. I
have been unable to acquire a license from any of the authors (no reply
to emails) and the code is so astonishingly trivial it's hard to see how
it could possibly be re-implemented without it being the same code with
different variable names.

Any guidance on what I should do? The functionality the code provides
(counting and capping characters in textareas) is quite useful and
losing it would probably cause dataloss in use of the application.


Code follows...

// Dynamic Version by: Nannette Thacker
// http://www.shiningstar.net
// Original by :  Ronnie T. Moore
// Web Site:  The JavaScript Source
// Use one function for multiple text areas on a page
// Limit the number of characters per textarea
// Begin

function textCounter(field, count_field, limit)
  if(field.value.length > limit)
    field.value = field.value.substring(0, limit);
    count_field.value = limit - field.value.length;
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