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Re: Which license am I looking for?

On Sun, 18 Jan 2009, Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
> So if I use a little bit of copyleft code in my program I have to
> make the whole lot free?

If you don't want to require this, you don't want copyleft. There's no
license that I'm aware of that distinguishes between "little bit, but
still copyrightable" and "entire thing". [And it'd be one of those
things that you'd almost be asking for litigation to decide, so not
terribly useful.]

Plus, it's not like you couldn't use GPL and advertise that you'd
license smaller bits under different licences for people who couldn't
comply with the GPL.

> And I think RMS is a bit on my side - after all he did write the
> LGPL...

For libraries so that they would be widely used, not for general
copyleft usage.

Don Armstrong

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