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Re: Which license am I looking for?

Mark Weyer wrote:
> I have a small software project which I intend to release soon.
> I have already looked at several free (or, in some cases, claimed to
> be free) licenses, but I have not found one which I found convincing.
> What I am looking for:
> - Copyleft with source requirement, but should not contaminate other
>   software.
> - No additional burden on anyone. In particular no requirements for
>   derivatives to advertize, to not advertize, to follow some naming
>   convention, or to convey source code at runtime.
> - No distinction between programs, libraries, images, scripts,
>   documentation, or whatever.
>   Formulations should equally apply to all sorts of software.
>   The only distinction should be source vs. non-source.
> - Oh, and of course it should be DFSG-free.
> Also, I am very sceptical about patent retaliation clauses.
> I apologize for this question being off-topic until someone packages
> my software for Debian. If there is a better place to get an answer,
> please tell me.
> Best regards,
>   Mark Weyer

Based on your requirements GPLv3 seems to hit all of your criteria,
including patents stuff. For more information visit FSF[1] website.

Somewhere around there there is also a GPLv3 compatibility chart, use it
 if you link libraries or use someone else's code under different license.

Don't forget to put correct license preamble in EVERY source file, after
you have chosen a license.

[1] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html

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