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Re: Bug#506977: FPC: copyright infringement in pre 2.2.2 sources

Paul Gevers <paul@climbing.nl> wrote:
> [...] Could you help by explaining what needs to be done
> (if anything) with the current old-stable, stable and testing sources?
> It looks like we should take this seriously, but I fear this is slightly
> above my head. Especially the fact that upstream removed all the old
> releases from their website seems to mark that they took it very seriously.
> [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fpc/+bug/275688

It may also mean that they considered it the easiest way to avoid an
expensive legal dispute.  It clearly says "Possible" in what is quoted
in the debian bug report.  I don't understand who's who on the
LaunchPad bug because there's no sigs and the pages linked from
posters' names seem uninformative.

If you're reasonably sure there's an infringement, I think you should
contact ftpmasters and the various release managers as soon as
possible.  I don't think debian-legal can help much if it's a straight
dispute/remove choice - sorry.

Good luck!
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