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Re: Public Domain for Germans

jfr.fg@freenet.de writes:

> Can I as a German use the following Public Domain-declaration-text,
> if I want the result to be dfsg-free?
> I, the creator of this work, 
> hereby release it into the public domain. 
> This applies worldwide. 
> In case this is not legally possible, 
> I grant any entity the right to use this work for any purpose, 
> without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

It's not clear that “use” is enough; it doesn't specify copy,
modify, or redistribute rights. This also doesn't disclaim warranty,
which might be dangerous for someone distributing programs.

Past discussions in this forum have also revealed that copyright is
now so insidious that divesting oneself of copyright seems to be
almost impossible to perform in many jurisdictions, even with
statements like the above.

If you have the option to decide on a license, it's probably far
simpler to *retain* copyright as per default, and grant the recipient
a do-just-about-anything license like the Expat license

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