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Re: EllisLab, Inc. CodeIgniter license

"Carl Fürstenberg" <azatoth@gmail.com> writes:

> Got following reply from ellislab:
> --------------------------
> Hi Carl,
> Our license is quite simple:
> Keep the notices we have intact.
> Document changes you make (a simple comment in the code is sufficient).
> Don't brand any products with the name CodeIgniter unless you ask us first.
> That's basically it.

If that *were* basically it (and if the license actually made it clear
that those are the only restrictions), IMO there would be no problem.

Your interlocutor hasn't addressed the issues raised by the wording in
the license that makes it do *more* than the above.

> We would be thrilled to be included in a Debian release, and are
> grateful for your interest in doing so, but I'm not sure we're
> willing to modify our license to enable this to happen.

Perhaps they could be convinced, instead, to modify their license so
it actually says what they claim above that it says.

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