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Re: debian/copyright vs year/author permutations

Marcin Owsiany <porridge@debian.org> wrote:
> This means that if I want to describe the copyright of each file
> accurately, using a format like:
> foo/bar.c:
>  copyright 1999,2004 John Smith <j@s.com>
>  copyright 2000-2004 Jane Other <j@o.com>
> foo/baz.cpp:
>  copyright 1998,2001,2004 John Smith <j@s.com>

I'd invert it and list by maximum year range, author(s), and files, so:-

copyright 2000-2004 Jane Other <j@o.com>

copyright 1999-2004 John Smith <j@s.com>
  foo/bar.c, foo/baz.cpp

I believe that only the end ranges of the dates are significant, but I
could be wrong on that.  However, anyone wanting the exact detail can
inspect the source files, after all.

Listing the files is helpful, but not strictly necessary according to
policy section 12.5.  I'd leave that out if the package gets too
complicated, but then it's more work to watch for additions and
removals of files changing the copyright holder list.

Hope that helps,
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