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Re: Alternatives to Creative Commons

On Thu, 18 Sep 2008, Arc Riley wrote:
> Clearly you cannot escape the terms of the GPL by splitting the work into
> different packages, otherwise everyone would do this.

There are many cases where you can, actually.

game+working sample data, with more complex data distributed
separately is a classical example. Since the GPL does not apply to
actual use, and game+working sample data forms a work on its own,
there's no problem here.

It's the same issue with a standard interface and GPL code; if there's
a documented interface, and things that are legitimately separate
works can be plugged in, everything is perfectly fine.

That said, there's no reason *not* to distribute the data under the
same license as the codebase.

Finally, please refrain from attacking other people on this list:
casting aspersions on others in the process of making an argument
makes others less likely to listen to that argument (or even future
arguments made) at all.

Don Armstrong

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