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Re: Licence query

 Måns Rullgård <mans@mansr.com> wrote:
> The first "it" is clearly referring to the unmodified source.  The
> second "it" has no other noun to refer to [...]

No noun except the altered source, the outcome of the first action?

Compare: if I say "This box: I'll wrap it and post it to you" then I
mean I'm going to post the wrapped box - not that I'm going to wrap
it, then unwrap it again and post just the box!

I've no reason to think the licensor is an evil language-buggerer, so
I feel we should think this meets DFSG.  If a licensor tries to claim
that the second pronoun ignores the first action, then we should
remove their package and plead that it was an honest misunderstanding.

Hope that helps,
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