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Re: Licence query

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 17:10:17 +0100 Julian Gilbey wrote:

> Hi all!

Hi!  :)

> I'm looking at a package (GLFW, bindings to OpenGL from Haskell) which
> has the following licence.  I think that it is DFSG-free, but I'd like
> someone else to check over it, as I've not seen a licence exactly like
> this one before.

The license you quoted (thanks for quoting its text in full) is
word-by-word identical to the zlib license:

There are already packages in main licensed under those exact terms:
See, for instance zlib itself:

And indeed, software released under the terms of the zlib license
complies with the DFSG.

Finally, the FSF lists this license as "a free software license, and
compatible with the GPL."

> Many thanks!

You're welcome.

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